Our Mission

We will train covenant families to learn and apply God's Word in their lives by enfolding families into our ministry, teaching the children Truth from God's Word, and helping them learn to apply this Truth in their own lives. As a result our children will worship God, grow in community, love others, and serve the world.

We will TRAIN covenant families by …

How? …

Enfolding them into the ministry * Parent pages (CONNECT)
* Parent seminars (TEACH)
* Inviting them to participate (BLESSING)
* Uncompromising safety policy
Teaching their children God's Truth from His Word * Biblically based curriculum
* Structured leadership
* Intentional programming
* Age-appropriate design
Showing children how to apply this Truth to daily living *Consistent Small Groups
* Focus on relationships
* Partnership with parents

As a result our children will …

How? …

WORSHIP God *Scripture memory
Large group teaching
GROW in community *Consistent small groups
LOVE others *Semi-annual giving opportunities
*Grace-filled living
SERVE the world *Mission Moments
*Children's Mission Offering