If You're Visiting

If you are visiting Christ Covenant for the first time, please stop by the Children’s Ministry Welcome Center located in the B building, room B-102, so that we can properly welcome you and show you where your precious children will be going to nursery or Sunday school. We can’t wait to meet you.

Children's Ministry Program

Everything in our ministry reflects our mission statement: “We will train covenant families to learn and apply God's Word in their lives by enfolding families into our ministry, teaching the children Truth from God's Word, and helping them learn to apply this Truth in their own lives. As a result our children will worship God, grow in community, love others, and serve the world.” Click this link to see how we accomplish this mission statement in our ministry.

Christ is the center of all that we do and teach. In our ministries, we use the large group/small group format from preschool age through elementary. This is so that not only are the children learning from the best teachers and storytellers in a large group setting, but they also have small group leaders and shepherds who love them and build relationships. We regularly incorporate missions times in all of our ministries to teach the children about the Great Commission and involve them in missions and acts of mercy so that they experience serving their God and their community.

We are striving to partner with parents as they raise their children to be a part of God’s Kingdom. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can come alongside you at any time.. Every Tuesday the Children's Ministry Staff prays for our families, if you have specific prayer requests please email them to childrensministry@christcovenant.org. Your requests are kept confidential.