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Key Tag System

Every family is provided with a family number while every child in that family is given an individual nametag. The child’s permanent nametag includes both his/her name and his/her key tag number. Every parent is provided with a parent key tag that they will need to pick up their child from any children’s ministry classroom. If either you or your child does not have a key tag or have lost it, please stop by the Children’s Ministry Welcome Center, B-102, to acquire temporary tags while new tags are made for you.

Children and Adults in a Responsible Environment (CARE)

The purpose of the CARE policy at Christ Covenant is twofold:

  • To provide a safe and secure place for ministry to children and their families.
  • To provide pathways to responsible ministry by volunteers.

In order to achieve this purpose, we:

  • Require every child through the 5th grade to wear approved identification.
  • Require the parent/guardian to properly identify himself when retrieving a child from a class or nursery.
  • Require every volunteer to be properly trained and screened prior to service in Children’s Ministry.
  • Require every volunteer to be properly identified while serving in the ministry.
  • Look to our CARE patrol members to visit every class and nursery each week to ensure volunteers’ adherence to identification policies.

Each volunteer is required to complete CARE Training (Children and Adults in a Responsible Environment) and a background screening. Upon completion of CARE training and subsequent approval for service, every volunteer is provided with a special CARE approved nametag that has an icon with 3 little people on it that they must wear each time they serve in our ministry. Our CARE patrol is a team of off-duty police officers who are members of Christ Covenant. They serve on rotation. At least one officer visits each class to be certain that every child and volunteer is properly identified and that each child is accounted for on the attendance sheet.